Consulting Package

Publication-Press Consulting Package

Clarify Publication's Submission Standards: (Printing Company)

Establish Photographer's Production Submission Standards: (Photographers)

Develop Publisher's Production Color-managed Workflow: (Photographers/Designers)

Ensure Proven Printing Results from submitted materials (Press Approval)

Publication Submission Standards

File Submission Standards

Proven Printing Results

One-time attendance at a press approval. This single return to the printing company is to establish and approve the color and tonality of all submitted images in accordance with the standards and practices established and accomplished in the prior steps.

Photographers: A meeting will be set up with all publication photographers to establish photographic standards and best practices. Submission specs will include: file type, image resolution, image bit-depth, dynamic range, color neutrality, and color mode. These standards will ensure that the publisher's image preparation processes will be successfully implemented. This half-day session will include printed materials covering all processes and the full submission specification. This includes instructions for setting their computer monitors and matching the publisher's color settings.


Designers: Meet for two hours to establish full standards and practices for file submission and color conversion as set by the printing company. This includes profiling the designers' computer monitors and establishing the publisher's color settings.

Meetings will be set to meet with each of the printing company department heads: pre-press, proofing, plate making, and press room. The purpose of these meetings is process discovery. It is in this discovery phase that the printer discloses the exact processes and systems employed in the production process. Why is this important? Each printing company uses processes, practices, and equipment unique to their shop. The meetings will also give me access to their color management and control processes.


The information gathered from these meetings will result in a detailed look at the company's operational DNA; a valuable asset for compiling the final submission standards. This information will help clarify their standard Submission Guidelines.

Case Study

Why Hire Me as Your Photo-to-Press Consultant / Liaison?

I've held just about every position in the print production industry (see Herb Paynter). As such, I understand

the overall landscape quite well. My years as a pressman not only deafened me, but it made me realize what printing presses can and cannot do. My career education in heavy metal physics began as a pressman, and gravitated to scanner operator, color separator, digital photographer, digital image editor, and a Color Management Professional. These positions allowed me to understand this process from virtually every angle.