First, let me put this right out front... I’m a color fanatic.

I even dream in color, which qualifies me as a color geek. Getting color to display and print accurately is not a new challenge for me, it’s been a life-long obsession. For almost five decades my career has been focused on accurate color reproduction. I have deep roots in the world of color as a photographer, graphic designer, pre-media specialist, pressman, consultant, software designer/developer, presenter and author.


In 1984, my printing ink and film emulsion world transposed into vectors and pixels. When I saw the Orwellian Macintosh ad during the 1984 Super Bowl, I somehow knew that my twenty-year romance with color was about to grow even deeper.


Within the decade I was deeply involved with publishing on the Mac. I founded one software company and consulted with another to design software for the digital publishing revolution. This software included Aldus/Macromedia Freehand and Adobe Photoshop plug-ins ScanPrep Pro, AutoPilot, and DeepBit Filters.


By 1996 I was deeply involved in the development of color scanners, digital cameras, and printers of all sorts. Twenty-one years later, I remain addicted to the quest for producing clear, colorful images in print.


I was on the Photoshop development team for many years as an Adobe Certified Plug-in Software Developer and Beta site. I developed digital camera and scanner software for many digital camera manufacturers and under contract to Minolta Corporation (Osaka) for six years. I've written numerous feature articles about digital imaging techniques, hardware and software product reviews for many photography, printing industry, and computer trade publications and served as a Contributing Editor to Photo Electronic Imaging (PEI) and Professional Photographer magazines.


I've now produced a video series on the fundamentals of color and digital imaging. I've been certified by IDEAlliance as a Color Management Professional in both Color Fundamentals and Pre-Media, and I have presented online webinars for IDEAlliance in the area of Color Management for Photography. I enjoy writing, and speaking to groups large and small about color capture and reproduction.

Personal Experience in Litho and Photo Image Reproduction

Traditional  20

Digital  33

Color Separation / Color Management  41

Pre-press  18

Graphic Design  39

Pressroom   7

Scanning  34

Photography / Photo Retouching  43

Imaging Software Development   9