Optional Treatments

Digital Imaging

Sometimes images need a hint of fantasy to deliver a romantic message. This style affects only the texture of the image leaving the detail structure of the image untouched.

This style presents a very graphic interpretation of the image's tonal range and color. While not applicable for general photo-illustration, These graphics are unsurpassed for sports, nature, and other powerful uses.

Images from digital cameras always require a level of processing to access important detail not revealed by normal JPEG interpretations. Many photographers accept the JPEG images delivered by their cameras and perform very little tonal adjustments before delivering their images to their clients. Adjusting these JPEG images for excellent reproduction in print can make a phenomenal difference in the printed product. Adjusting the camera's RAW image capture affords an even higher latitude of editing ability. More about JPEG vs RAW...

Accepting the stock JPEG interpretation of camera images shortchanges the potential success of the image when it is reproduced in print.


JPEG image files are a single (standard) interpretation of the actual image captured by the camera. RAW camera files provide unlimited optional interpretations of each image. Unfortunately, many photographers accept the standard JPEG interpretation, adjust it slightly, and then submit it to the publication. By accepting the camera's JPEG interpretation, significant amounts of detail and richness are being sacrificed for the sake of convenience. While JPEGs can be adjusted to some degree, it's a bit like playing cards with a short deck; the possibilities are severely limited.

As presented in Day One of the onsite training

Below are optional treatments that deliver amazing visual results on screen and in print.

Digital Imaging Options