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Services Offered

Services Offered

I individually shape and prepare each image so that it prints with great clarity on publication presses. Publication printing is quite different from inkjet printing and the preparation for each process differs significantly. Images viewed on a computer monitor and printed on an inkjet printer always appear richer and clearer than when those same images are printed in publications. That's simply the nature of RGB images. However, the printing process uses CMYK colors which are not as bright and saturated. A knowledge of CMYK print reproduction is required to effectively produce clean, crisp, and colorful images in publications. In addition, the continuous tones of photography must be broken down into halftone dots in order for the printing press to replicate millions of colors using just four primary colors of ink.

The way printing presses and desktop printers interpret pixel values and employ ink formulas is as different as night and day.


Two levels of image clarification services are offered by Imageprep: Cover Only and Cover and Features. Image Clarifying...

I personally train your staff how to shape and prepare images to reproduce with great clarity in your publications. The responsibility for preparing digital images for publications typically falls on the photographers who shoot the pictures, though many publishers assign this editing/retouching chore to a member of the design/production team with Photoshop expertise.


Professional photographers understand how to adjust their images for monitor appearance and printing to desktop and large format printers. But many photographers do not understand the reproduction needs of publication presses. Designers may understand Photoshop tools and master editing techniques, but still may not understand how printing presses reproduce images.


THREE PROGRAMS. The current on-site programs provide three levels of on-site training: One-Day Basics (Tonality and Color), Two-Day Advanced (+Digital-to-Press Preparation and Workflow), and Three-Day Master (+Color Reproduction Fundamentals and Practicum). Each training program accommodates up to four persons (photographers and/or designers). Onsite Training...

Photo-to-Press consulting is the process of coordinating the efforts of the publisher with the (detailed) submission standards and recommended color settings of the printing company. There are four specific goals to be achieved in this process: 1) Obtaining a full understanding of the printer's production preferences and requirements, 2) Educating and preparing the publisher's production staff to understand the printing production process of their printer, and 3) Teach the two entities to play well together. 4) Follow up press check and approval following the publication's application of the printer's color settings submission standards. Photo-to-Press Consulting



Can These Extra Services be Justified?


Only if:

you want your magazine to be coveted and collected for the sheer beauty of the product.

you want national advertisers to call you for placements.

you want your magazine to remain on coffee tables for months (until they are eventually "borrowed").